About E-Marketing

E-Marketing, also known as digital marketing (network marketing) or (Internet Marketing), includes all methods and practices related to Internet marketing in order to market a product, service, or content, and reach a potential or target customer, to achieve the highest level of sales, and the highest level of profits.

It is an important part of the modern comprehensive marketing strategy, as it is considered an important type of marketing method that seeks to achieve its goals via the Internet.

digital marketing

E-Marketing Tools

Search engine optimization, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing: these engines are among the most important and largest sources that lead potential customers to your site. You reach the first search results with the funded ads
Marketing on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.
Multimedia sites such as YouTube.
Marketing engagement program.
Newsletter and e-mail.
Website to improve the productive work environment on the website pages.
Electronic advertising.
Video Marketing.
Blogging on sites like WordPress and blogger, you can let comment in myfreelink web site.
Hacking Techniques.
Marketing by urging consumers to participate in the promotional content industry which is known as (UGC) meaning user generated content.
Advantages of digital marketing

Developing a relationship with customers significantly, where there is continuous interaction, and Gaining customers to achieve great benefit in order to sell on a site and gain customer loyalty.
The ease of obtaining any information related to the product, the possibility of obtaining the required product in a short period of time, and exceeding the geographical limits, which leads to the merchandising of the commodity in a rapid manner.
Opening the door to everyone for e-marketing, and not limiting it to large known companies.
Low cost and ease of implementation compared to traditional marketing.
The possibility of ordering the commodity directly by sending an application through the company-related website while you are in place. Unlike traditional marketing, the commodity cannot be ordered directly through customers. The ease of displaying all the company’s goods and services through the website, and this is difficult to do in traditional marketing due to the need for a wide place to display them.
E-Marketing success means

The quality of the product that can be marketed and service.
The budget established for e-marketing operations through the Internet, on which the marketing campaigns of the commodity are carried out.
The experience of the marketer in terms of how to deal with the mechanisms of electronic marketing, and continuous development.
Basics of digital Marketing

It is the most important thing that you should be careful with when thinking about e-marketing. Any attempt that does not include these basics is usually doomed to failure or does not achieve its full goals.


This step begins by getting to know the purpose of the site or product, laying the cornerstone for the start of a successful journey for your business on the web.


The clear strategy ensures that your business objectives are achieved. It is very important that you define your strategy from the start with clear goals and known ways to reach these goals.


The message you want to deliver to customers, keep the famous “20: 80 percentage”, which means that 80% of the content focuses on the information, on the solutions that the product provides, and the remaining 20% on the promotional message.


As a result of successful marketing efforts that may last for years, eventually leading to the consolidation of the meaning of the brand and the shape of its logo in the minds of consumers.


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